Two monster trucks driving in a stadium on dirt.

5 of the Best Monster Jam Trucks

Monster Jam Trucks

If you are a Monster Jam truck fan, then you know a monster truck event is the most action-packed motorsport on four wheels. At any of the events, you will be sure to witness world-class drivers along with the most recognizable trucks tearing up the dirt while competing in intense challenges of speed and skill.

Monster Jam is an all-year event in many cities around the U.S., with some of the biggest shows in Denver, Ford Feld in Detroit, Houston, Las Vegas, Orlando and Miami. To experience one of the most exhilarating heavy-duty motor racing and tricks, you can get your ticket from Tickets On Sale. The trucks are dependent on the location, but even if one of your favorite trucks is not racing at your closest arena, you are guaranteed to have a show to remember. Don’t forget to take your earplugs with you, as this show will be loud.

Here's some insight into the top five trucks and their drivers.

1. Grave Digger: Krysten Anderson

Grave Digger is known as the most famous monster truck since its early victories over the likes of Bigfoot and has proven time and time again that it is a champion.

The current driver of Grave Digger is Krysten Anderson, daughter of Dennis Anderson from North Carolina who started racing in the early 80s. He raced with a 1952 Ford Pickup, which was eventually nicknamed Grave Digger because of its black graveyard-colored paintwork.

Krysten broke the world record in 2020 for the highest leap in a monster truck at 33 feet and 9.6 inches. She’s had many wins during this current season of Monster Jam. She is part of a team of drivers for Grave Digger, along with her brothers, Adam, Ryan and Weston Anderson. Krysten grew up in the monster truck business, so it is no surprise that racing runs in her blood.

2. El Toro Loco: Armando Castro

Armando Castro, 26, born in California, has been a monster truck driver since 2017 when he took part in the Triple Threat Series and was then invited to the World Finals XX in 2019. This young man won the Speedster Racing at the World Finals in 2019 and was awarded the Rising Star of the Year award in 2021. He has taken the overall win in the past few events as one of the team drivers for El Toro Loco. El Toro Loco, which means the crazy bull in Spanish, was created in 2001 and has since increased in popularity. This truck has a special feature that sets it apart: snorting smoke out of its nose, which is toggled by a button inside the truck.

3. Kraken: Nick Pagliarulo

Nick is the son of Matt Pagliarulo who is known for his truck, Jester. Nick started by working with his family on Jester, and after a few years, he became the crew chief for his dad’s truck. This led him to build his own truck, Kraken. Being a new driver, Nick grabbed his first freestyle win during one of the Tampa shows this year. In this year’s series, he has been in the top five consistently. Kraken was created in 2018 and features a stock Cadillac Escalade paint scheme. It only entered its first full year of competing in 2019 when the 3D body style was finally complete. Since its debut, it has become a fan favorite for its design.

4. Terminal Velocity: Jon Zimmer Jr.

The monster truck business is certainly a family gig, and similar to the previous drivers, Jon Zimmer Jr. got into racing because of his dad, Jon Zimmer, who is also his role model. Jon Senior is known as a former driver for Dragon, Grave Digger and Shock Therapy.

At only 21, Jon Jr. has proved himself in the Monster Jam series. In 2021, he took the win in the Skills Challenge competition and took home the 2021 Monster Truck Throwdown championship. This year, he has won Rookie of the Year along with Wes Anderson. His truck, Terminal Velocity, was built in early 2020 and Jon Jr. was its driver for its debut race.

5. Jester: Matt Pagliarulo

Matt Pagliarulo is Nick and Michael Pagliarulo’s father and is known for being the driver of Jester. He started driving in 2015. Matt won the Rising Star of the Year award in 2017 at the World Finals 18 Young Guns Shootout. With monster truck racing being in the family, his other son Michael and daughter Brooke usually drive Lil Bully. In 2022 he has competed in the Stadium Tour Red, finishing in 12th place. The construction on Jester began in 2013, and once it was finished during the following year, it performed a series of test runs before receiving its paint scheme. Jester finally made its debut at Hard Rock Stadium in 2015 with Matt as the driver.