comedy show tickets

5 Tips to Help You Get Comedy Tickets

Comedy Show Tickets

Now more than ever before, people need a reason to laugh and enjoy themselves. Entertainment venues are opening back up and comedians are hitting the stage once again to bring joy to the masses. However, if it has been a while since you have been to a show, you might need a few refreshers on how to find comedy show tickets near you.

Comedy Show Tickets Near You

When you search for comedy show tickets you can do so in two different ways: by venue or by comedian.

If there is a specific comedian you want to see, check out their website for a tour schedule. The website should be able to tell you when and in which cities the comedian will be near you.

There will probably be links to purchase tickets for each show through the website; however, if there are not, the next step would be to go to the venue website.

Tickets for comedy shows will be available through the venue box office where the comedian is performing and can be purchased directly from the venue. Most venues will offer online and on-site ticket sales.

Finding tickets through third-party ticket sellers is also possible through sites such as TicketMaster or StubHub. Some of these sites often work as the host platform for many venue box offices.

TicketMaster is the most popular and well-known of these sites. Tickets for comedy shows can be purchased by searching for the city, venue, or artist/comedian you are wanting to see.

How to Get Tickets to the Top Comedy Shows

Comedy show tickets for today’s best comedians can often be hard to come by because they sell out quickly online, especially now that some venues have limited capacity and social distancing measures in place.

Luckily, we have some tips and tricks on how to make sure you get your hands on the tickets to the top shows you want to see.

1. Stay in the Know

Sign up for newsletters, announcements and alerts from your favorite comedians or through your favorite ticket sale sites.

When you create an account on sites, such as TicketMaster, you are often able to create preferences and receive email updates surrounding when your favorite performers will be near you. This allows you to create a calendar to remind yourself of when tickets are going on sale so you can make sure to be online.

2. Use Your Perks

There are several credit card companies and banks that offer rewards on entertainment tickets for comedians, bands and more.

You can earn discounts, advance release or pre-sale tickets and even free tickets to some of the best shows touring today.

Early access is one of the best rewards for show tickets through your credit card companies because you have a much better chance of getting the tickets and seats you want.

3. Be Prepared

When you are buying tickets, you must make sure you are ready with all the necessary information you need.

Online, you will need to create an account for most sites and enter in all your payment and billing information. If you wait until the minute you are purchasing tickets, you might lose out on the tickets or seats because of the time it takes to enter this information.

To avoid this disaster, make an account ahead of time with your payment and billing info saved. You can also update your Google Chrome settings to autofill your information to make processing quicker.

4. Get in Line Early

If you are looking to purchase tickets in person at the box office on release day, it is best to get there early and get as close to the front of the line as possible.

Sometimes colleges will early-release tickets to students, and venues will give exclusive access to early tickets to select groups, such as their board, members or stakeholders.

When these tickets are limited and released by pick up only, you sometimes must be okay with waiting in line for hours to get yours.

5. Check Out Groupon

If you love live entertainment, special events and a good deal, you have most likely used Groupon in the past. This site offers discounts, specials and packages for different events or activities in your town and beyond.

If you are looking to be spontaneous with a night out on the town, consider checking out Groupon for last-minute deals on comedy shows in your town.

Comedy shows are a great activity for first dates, anniversaries, birthdays, bachelor/bachelorette parties, friend’s night out, or even when you just need to sit in the dark and laugh by yourself. We hope you can use our helpful tips and tricks to score comedy show tickets to the hottest acts near you!