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Take Yourself Out to the Ball Game: How to Get MLB Tickets

When Does Major League Baseball Start?

So, when does Major League Baseball start? Well, all the bases are loaded heading into the Major League Baseball (MLB) season. Who do you think will make it to the playoffs this year? There’s still plenty of time to watch your team play before we reach the postseason. There are also a ton of big games to come in this regular season. But how will you acquire those MLB tickets?

Will the Dodgers still be on the hunt for their divisional top spot like they were last year? They traveled to play the San Diego Padres in early September, which was a deciding match for the Dodgers’ 2021 season. The same weekend, the Yankees took on the Mets at Citi Field in the New York derby.

With big matches coming thick and fast, and finals berths still up for grabs, you do not want to miss out on what’s set to be a gripping 2022 MLB season. Here’s how you can bag your tickets to see your team play!

MLB Tickets

Following the heavily disrupted 2020 season, fans have been back in stadiums around the country since the season started in April of 2021, and the atmosphere has since been electric.

Tickets for the remainder of the season are currently on sale through club websites and on Ticketmaster.

With attendances averaging around 3,000 fans per match, thousands of tickets are still available for matches around the MLB, with tickets coming in at very affordable prices for some big games.

General admission tickets for most Major League Baseball season games are currently priced at around $30 per adult ticket for a regular-season match. However, that price can fluctuate on the nature of the game, the teams playing and the seats you are looking to buy. Typically, tickets to see the Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees, or the Chicago Cubs are the most expensive and sought-after in the league. For these teams, I advise that you purchase your tickets long in advance of the scheduled game.

Better yet, if you are an avid baseball fanatic, why not pick up a season ticket for your favorite team? Season ticket pricing for 2022 is available now to view on the MLB website. Be advised, you may be placed on a season ticket waiting list if you are looking to get seats for some of the more popular sides.

A full season ticket at the Philadelphia Phillies ranges in price from $1,600 at the base price to $12,500 for the top-range seats. Fans can also secure half-season tickets with the Phillies, including a range of matches that cost slightly less at around $1,000.

Important Season Dates for Your Diary

  • End of regular season: October 5, 2022.
  • NL and AL Championship Series: To be determined.
  • 2022 World Series: To be determined.

The league is expected to return to its normal scheduling structure after the pandemic-afflicted 2020 season, where each team only played 60 games within their conference. We’re expecting the league to return to its full 162-game system.

How to Get Tickets for the 2022 MLB Season

Much like the NHL, finding cheap MLB tickets can be like finding a needle in a haystack. It’s not impossible, but it can be hard. People can also be conned into paying over the odds for these tickets, so it is important to be aware of how much is reasonable to pay for your MLB seats.

The best and most secure places to purchase postseason and playoff game tickets are via club websites,, or Ticketmaster. It’s also advisable for fans to become members of their chosen clubs. That way, you will receive priority access and updates on when and where to buy playoff tickets. In addition, if you go to enough games in a season, you may be able to build up enough credits to jump the ticketing queue to get ahead of the game.

Usually, playoff tickets are released for sale two days before the scheduled game. On average, they can set you back anywhere from $90 to $400. Most tickets average out at around $100, but for the big games and big rivalries, expect to pay a few hundred dollars if you are looking for good seats.

For the World Series, ticket prices vary each year, and it is uncertain when the 2022 World Series tickets will go on sale and how much they will cost. Tickets typically go on sale when a winner has been selected from the NLCS and ALCS playoffs.

Depending on which game you want to see, we know that tickets for games one and game seven will cost you a lot of money. World Series seats can range from anywhere between $300 to $10,000. For last season’s series, the average ticket price at the Globe Life field was $962.48, with the cheapest tickets coming at games three and four in the seven-game series.

What If You Have a Ticket But Can't Attend?

If you cannot attend a game, do not fret; you can use StubHub’s secure fan-to-fan marketplace that allows patrons to sell tickets to other MLB fans for a face-value price. Listing your tickets takes only a few minutes, and once your listing is up, buyers can purchase your tickets immediately. You do not even have to worry about shipping or delivery.

Sellers are also paid for their tickets immediately and are protected by StubHub’s FanProtect guarantee. So, ultimately, StubHub is one of the most efficient and safest ways to buy and sell MLB tickets online.

However, if you are still struggling to find MLB playoff tickets, I advise you to keep an eye on social media, Reddit feeds and general fan forums. Here you will find updates and information from other in-the-know fans on when, how and where tickets will be coming out, and you might even find some fans selling cheap tickets online.

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