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How to Buy NFL Tickets and Make the Most of Your Football Dreams

Touchdown Tickets

Watching an event live and in a sports stadium full of people is still one of the greatest experiences that a fan can have. NFL games are amazing events to go to, as each city and stadium has so much to offer. Tailgating also happens before kickoff, which is an experience in itself. In this article, we will teach you where and how to buy NFL tickets.

If you are looking to visit an NFL game for the first time – or if you are just looking for a better way to experience the ticket-buying process – then this guide is for you.

Where to Buy NFL Tickets

There are numerous online options for buying NFL tickets that let you search for the best option for your budget and your viewing needs.

Seasonal ticket holders, members of various fan clubs and other priority groups get first dibs on tickets, but with the venues being so large there are almost always tickets available on verified resale sites.

The main source of NFL ticket resale is Ticketmaster. This is the website that you are pushed to by clicking the ticket links on the pages of NFL teams. The tickets are competitively priced and show exactly where in the stadium you will be sitting.

We recommend using Ticketmaster because the system works well with the tickets being transferred from seller to buyer electronically and often instantly.

Ticketmaster may be an official resale site, but it is far from the only option in this regard. Sites such as StubHub (the ticket marketplace of eBay), Vivid Seats, Seat Geek and Cheap Tickets all do roughly the same job with similar guarantees of service.

It is certainly worth shopping around to see their ticket prices and availability – along with seeing what each site charges in terms of fees – before making your final decision on a purchase.

Other options to consider include local resale sites, such as Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist. There are some drawbacks here. Make sure to do extra research and ensure you are buying tickets from a credible source. However, the lack of fees associated with the tickets makes them a viable option.

We always recommend buying from a website as opposed to buying from a scalper outside of the stadium.

Cost of NFL Tickets

The cost of NFL tickets varies wildly depending on the team you are looking for. Make sure you pay attention to the quality of seats and get what you are happy with.

The average ticket price for an NFL game at face value is around $105, while the average resale price is closer to $400. One thing to note is that prices will fluctuate based on how the team is doing. We were able to score Chiefs tickets for $18 each after fees for a late November game against the Bengals in 2012. The Chiefs were awful that year – they finished 2-14 – and that record plus the Kansas City weather at the end of November meant that no one wanted to go to the game. As a result, tickets were dirt cheap.

The opposite effect is true too with early-season games when the weather is glorious and all the fan bases still think that their team has a shot at the Super Bowl. These are often the most expensive tickets of the year.

Must-Visit Stadiums

Every NFL stadium has its charms; they could be the mystique and history of places, like Lambeau Field in Green Bay and Arrowhead in Kansas City, or the modern conveniences of the league’s latest arenas, like Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas.

Wherever you go, there must be time made for tailgating before the game kicks off. There is nothing like the smell of 40,000 fans barbecuing ribs, pork shoulders and hamburgers on a frosty Sunday morning or warm Monday evening to set the stage for a full stomach and a classic NFL game.

How to Resell NFL Tickets

The best way to resell NFL tickets is to go through one of the ticketing services listed above. We personally like Stubhub – it just feels like the setup is easier and the fees are less aggressive than some others – though we can also see the benefit of selling on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist if you are safe in terms of where the transaction takes place.

Either way, it is best to try to sell the tickets as soon as you realize you will be unable to make the event, as the competition can often be fierce, with so many sites reselling tickets from season ticket holders.

Buying and selling tickets to NFL games is generally a painless process thanks to the internet. Do some research, work out your budget for tickets (including fees and the often nasty parking charge for the day), and get to the stadium early to tailgate with the locals for a true Sunday Funday experience this fall.