A monster truck on a monster truck course.

Everything you Need to Know About Monster Truck Shows

Monster Truck Show

There are some events that must be seen in person to fully grasp the spectacle of what is going on. Monster truck events are a perfect example of this.

Sure, monster trucks look cool on TV, but the roars and the sheer size of the trucks involved in the various disciplines within a monster truck show cannot be fully appreciated unless you are there to witness things in the flesh.

Here is a breakdown of what a show is, where they are and a rough pricing guide to plan out your trip to a monster truck show.

What is a Monster Truck Show?

Monster truck shows come in all shapes and sizes from those put on at a local fair all the way through to professional drivers who do this for a living as part of a tour.

The main tour currently operating is Monster Jam, and a Monster Jam show runs right through, from the pit party, to the pre-show, to the actual show itself.

The Monster Jam shows consist of four separate events over the course of the afternoon or evening.

  • Racing competition: a classic race over a pre-set course with the winning trucks moving on until a winner is crowned.
  • Skills challenge: a judged competition where drivers are asked to perform their best stunt over multiple opportunities.
  • Donut competition: a judged competition with drivers trying to spin the truck in a circle as quickly as possible, testing the driver’s skills.
  • Freestyle competition: a judged competition where drivers have a set time to perform as many tricks, stunts and wow-inducing moments as possible.

Other shows may have some of these events, all these events, or a totally different set of events.

Make sure you know what you are getting into before buying tickets by checking the website of an organization, so you are not left disappointed if certain events are not part of the show you bought tickets to.

Where to Watch

There are options here depending on the level of show you are looking for.

The Monster Jam series hits arenas and speedways in cities like Omaha, Nebraska, Arlington, Texas (at the massive AT&T Stadium) and Albany, New York.

If the cities it hits are too far from home – or you want a more low-key experience – then rival promotions run shows in smaller arenas, speedways and even rodeo grounds on a consistent basis.

Also, check out the listings for state fairs in your area – especially in the south and mid west – as these often have monster truck shows as a spectacle on one of their days.

Ticket Cost and More Information

Ticket prices will vary based on the quality of the event.

For example, ticket prices at the Kansas State Fair are in the region of $15 for those who are 13 years old and older, $5 for 6 to 12-year-olds and free for kids younger than that.

A ticket for Monster Jam will be more expensive based on the arena, but even those should not run you more than $40 or $50 for the best seats in the house.

What to Expect at a Show

You get a good amount of action for your money at a monster truck show.

They typically last anywhere from two and a half to four hours – Monster Jam shows sit in the three-hour range with an intermission – and given the cost of tickets that makes them good value for a family day out.

Adding Pit Passes to get kids up and close is a good idea to see the looks on their faces as they see the trucks up close and there will be plenty of merchandise on sale too.

One thing to be wary of is the noise at an event like this, and having some sort of ear protection for younger children is highly encouraged.

Reselling and Refunds

Always watch for the fine print when it comes to reselling tickets. Often your best bet for resale is through a broker like VividSeats that makes the whole process entirely painless and straight forward.

If you do want to sell locally and avoid fees, then either Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist are likely your best bets.

An afternoon at a monster truck show is an awesome day out. Just remember to do your homework to make sure that the show has the types of events you want to see and enjoy!