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Virtual Concerts: Are They Worth It?

What to Know About Virtual Concerts

In the age of video conferencing, musicians, festival owners and performers are having to think innovatively about how to host live events. This innovative thinking has led to the new phenomenon known as virtual concerts.

With many fans unable to physically attend events due to the pandemic, virtual concerts have become the norm for many festivals and musicians throughout the U.S.

Virtual concerts allow artists to continue making money throughout the pandemic. Every artist from Justin Bieber to Tame Impala has performed a virtual concert over the past two years.

So, what are virtual concerts and why should you think about attending one?

What Are Virtual Concerts?

Virtual concerts are the new way for music fans to see their favorite artists in the pandemic.

Logging into your laptop and watching your favorite artists perform through a computer screen is not the same experience as watching live. But virtual concerts have been a great way to provide music fans with the closest festival buzz feeling they can get during this pandemic.

The rise in popularity in virtual concerts have meant that many artists are able to make a lot of money and still release new music to their fans.

Also known as a virtual live, many virtual concerts can also involve virtual avatars, or real live streams of an artist or band performing their music.

Often artists will also throw in a few surprises for music lovers, doing a cover of a famous song, or performing their music differently, e.g., an acoustic cover or an acapella cover.

But if they don’t provide the same atmosphere, are they worth attending?

Are Virtual Concerts Worth It?

In short, yes.

Nothing will ever beat the buzz and noise of a live concert. But if you can’t make it to see your favorite artist or they’re performing in another location further away from you, virtual concerts can get you into that event without having to travel and queue.

Most people we know make an event out of the concert from the comfort of their own living room.

Many have organized socially distanced parties while watching the concerts, which can be much more intimate and enjoyable to watch.

Plus, you also won’t have to spend tons of cash on the overpriced and expensive food and drinks at these concerts. Fans can instead purchase their own much cheaper drinks and snacks.

An even better bonus is that you won’t have to miss any of the concert queueing for refreshments or the toilets!

Others enjoy having a much more chill evening and cuddle up on the couch with pets and immediate family and enjoy kicking back to watch their favorite artist.

Another advantage of a virtual concert is avoiding adverse weather conditions that fans usually encounter when they go to music festivals.

But the big hook of a virtual concert is that they are much cheaper than attending a concert in person, and that makes them a very attractive way for music lovers to attend their favorite gigs while not spending a ton of money.

Yet they do have their drawbacks, and the first is that music fans won’t get the same atmosphere as they would if they were at the event.

The overriding draw of going to a concert is the interaction fans have with the band. That builds a huge buzz and atmosphere with thousands of like-minded patrons revelling in their favorite music under one roof or one stadium.

The other issue with virtual concerts is that sometimes its live-feed or stream can unexpectedly cut out and won’t capture everything going on at the event.

You are often limited on what you can and can’t see, because sometimes flags and banners at the event can impede the view of the cameras.

What to Expect?

Expect to be immersed in the event without being there.

The best artists will suck you into your screen and raise the goosebumps on the back of your neck.

Some artists thrive in these types of concerts, while others may be better to view live.

The experience is often what you make it, and how you embrace virtual concerts. For example, by organizing a concert in your own house to enjoy the music with friends.

What Do You Need?

For any virtual concert, don’t forget you still need a pass to access the event and don’t leave it to the last minute to buy your virtual concert tickets.

It’s also wise to try your login and password ahead of the concert to make sure you have no difficulties when you’re logging in ahead of the gig.

You’ll need a good internet connection and a device that has a steady power source to stream it on.

Often, music lovers plug their laptops into a television using an HDMI connection and that provides fans with the best setup to view their favorite artists.

Snacks are a must, and it’s always wise to pre-prepare any food before you sit down to watch the concert.

How to Buy Tickets

Sites like Songkick or VividSeats have their own specific live stream ticketing pages where fans looking to attend virtual gigs can buy their access keys to watch their favorite musicians remotely.

It’s always best to ensure you buy access keys and passwords for the gigs from trusted sources.

Millions of music lovers are let down buying tickets every year because they have been scammed by illegitimate sellers selling fake tickets online.

Be sure to only buy from legitimate sources and research ticket prices before you buy your tickets to the virtual concert.

Prices can vary depending on the artist, the venue, and the festival, but ultimately, we would advise not to spend more than $60 on a virtual concert pass.

During the pandemic, virtual concerts have been a great way for people to continue to enjoy music and escape from the bad news going on in the world.

Virtual concerts are also a great way for artists to continue to make a living during these trying times and while these events aren’t the same as being there in person, virtual concerts are helping the music industry survive and continue to produce amazing music.