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Everything You Need to Know About Cedar Point Tickets

How Much Are Cedar Point Tickets?

Cedar Point Amusement Park in Ohio is one of the most famous and fun parks for families in America. In fact, the park is considered the roller coaster capitol of the world! A weekend away at Cedar Point is perfect for family or friend trips, spending the day with your date, spending time on the beach running, enjoying the water of Lake Eerie, or a quiet cabin getaway. So, how much are Cedar Point tickets, and how can you save money? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered!

Cedar Point Park Overview

There is so much to do at Cedar Point! Visitors can stay for a week and still wish for more time to enjoy the activities and experiences available.

The amusement park features 18 thrilling roller coasters and three areas with rides and attractions for all ages. Visitors can also mine for gems, enjoy bumper cars, visit a glass blowing studio, or meet the “Peanuts” characters.

The water park spans 18 acres and has slides that plunge, as well as shallow areas and splash pads for toddlers and younger visitors.

Families can also enjoy outdoor activities on the beach, such as parasailing, jet-skiing, chartering boats, paddle boarding, cruising the boardwalk with wine and more!

If you have come to Cedar Point for shopping, the boardwalk is exactly where you want to spend your day. There are more than 20 shops full of all kinds of great merchandise, from candy to souvenirs, hand-blown glass, face painting, henna, emporiums, toy stores and gift shops.

To get the most out of your Cedar Point adventure, consider booking a resort stay and visiting during one of the many special events that happen throughout the year. Cedar Point is especially popular in the fall when the park is dedicated to the Halloween season from mid-September through October and even features a haunted house! There are also live music events, dance parties and special events just for kids or adults.

Ticket Pricing

One of the first things you will need to know when planning a trip to Cedar Point is how much the tickets to the park are going to cost. The truth is, the price of this vacation will depend on what you want to do, how long you plan to stay and how often you can visit. The park offers daily and seasonal passes, as well as special packages that can end up costing your family less. Check out our breakdown below!

Daily Admission Tickets:

  • Starts at $49.
  • Entrance to amusement park.

Tricks and Treats Bundle:

  • Starts at $79.
  • Entrance to amusement park.
  • Free parking.
  • Tasting card that allows for three tastings from a special menu.

2-Day, Any-Day Tickets:

  • Starts at $79.
  • Get two-day passes to Cedar Point and Cedar Point Shores that can be used any two days of the open season.

Season Passes

Gold Pass:

  • $99.
  • Unlimited visits to Cedar Point and Cedar Shores Water Park.
  • Free parking.
  • Discounts.
  • 30-minute early access to the water park.
  • One-hour early access to the amusement park.

Platinum Pass:

  • $298.
  • Everything included in Gold Pass.
  • Discount on Fast Lane Plus Pass.
  • Admission and parking at all Cedar Fair Parks.

Season Pass Bring a Friend:

  • Starts at $39.
  • Season pass holders can bring a friend on weekdays for a discount.
  • Limited to four tickets per season pass holder.

Group Rates and Discounts at Cedar Point

The best way to get great discounts and rates at Cedar Point is to go with a group! When you purchase 15 or more tickets for the same day, your group could pay less than $40 per person.

  • One-day group pass: $39.99 per person (15 tickets minimum).
  • Two-day group pass: $75 per person (15 tickets minimum).
  • Military discounts: Park visitors who are members of the U.S. military can receive reduced park tickets starting at $39.99 per person.

Other Ways to Save

Depending on how long you plan to spend enjoying Cedar Point, you may want to look into other ways to save on lodging and dining.

Vacation Packages

Cedar Point features its very own resort for guests who want to stay overnight. The resort offers different vacation packages every year that will vary throughout the open season. In addition, if you are a member of the military, a season pass holder, or an American Automobile Association (AAA) member, you can get an additional 10% off!

Coupon Book

Another fantastic way to save at Cedar Point is to purchase the $20-coupon book. These books are only valid the day of purchase, but you get your money back through $20 worth of game tickets, a $5-arcade ticket, a fast lane pass for one attraction and other discounts throughout the park!

Dining and Drink Packages

If you are planning to visit Cedar Point with your family, one of the biggest ways you can save on your vacation is to purchase dining and drink packages. Not only do these help you save money, but it also makes dining easy so you can focus on planning the fun.

Season pass holders can:

  • Add on all-season dining passes for only $109 per person that includes a daily lunch and dinner buffet throughout the entire season.
  • Add on the season pass drink plan for only $32.99 per person to get free refills on drinks every 15 minutes.

Non-season pass holders can:

  • Purchase a cup for $32.99 and get free refills when they visit the park.
  • Buy daily dining passes for $31.99 per person that allows unlimited entrees and sides at participating restaurants at 90-minute intervals.

Throughout the fall season, there are special dining events, such as the Tricks and Treats Tasting Card during the special Tricks and Treats menu days at participating restaurants. The park also offers a spooky buffet experience at the Lakeside Convention Center that will have tickets sold separately during Halloween time.
Cedar Point is one of the top vacation destinations for families in the U.S. Book your vacation sooner rather than later to get the availability you need.