Two young women at an outdoor concert venue wearing sunglasses, thank tops and jackets.

Comfortable and Stylish Concert Outfit Ideas

What to Wear to a Concert

When planning what to wear to a concert, there is no doubt you want to sparkle, but you also want to feel comfortable enough to two-step, sway, or jump up and down to your favorite tunes. Before you start digging through your wardrobe, you will need to take into consideration the artist, genre and venue.

Do you choose fashion over comfort when it comes to planning what to wear for a concert? How do you have a blast and look fantastic at the same time? Keep reading to find out what to wear to a concert.

1. Let the Venue Be Your Guide

Are you going to an indoor or an outdoor concert?

Outdoor events are typically held during the summer months so, you will need to think about the temperature and walking distances.

It would be a good idea to layer by wearing a stylish t-shirt and then a long-sleeved top or a light jacket over it. Nice flowy attire, whether it is a skirt, shirt, dress, or shorts, is ideal. Keep the shoes low and wear a stylish pair of sneakers, boots, or a pair of loafers.

Add some finishing touches to your concert outfit by adding a stylish accessory, like a floppy hat and designer sunglasses.

For an indoor event, keep it simple with cargo pants, or jeans. You can spice up your concert look with a blazer for a formal or casual look.

A denim jacket looks good with anything, so you can slip it over a jumpsuit for a simple but chic look. Or maybe take it up a notch with a jacket and a flouncy skirt. The skirt is wide for comfort and the jacket makes a stylish accessory.

2. Flow With the Genre

We all have our own unique personalities and dress sense, but sometimes you have got to step out of character and do something out of the ordinary.

Here are some tips on what to wear to a concert based on the genre of music:

  • Rock concert: Despite the lively atmosphere, dark colors work well for a rock concert. You can add a pop of color with a bold pair of shoes. Red and gold look good with darker hues. To achieve a glam or goth look, consider a fishnet top or a corset.
  • Hip hop concert: The aim for a hip-hop concert is cool streetwear. You would most definitely get away with wearing a tracksuit and sneakers or jeans and a t-shirt. If you are comfortable wearing baggy clothes, the more baggy the better.
  • Pop concert: This is where you can get cheesy and wear a top with the artist or band on it. Pair this with bottoms of your choice, such as leggings, jeans and a pair of comfortable shoes.

Fashionable or Comfortable?

The answer is both! Fashion does not need to be uncomfortable, and comfortable can be fashionable.

  • Reinvent your leggings. Pair a thick cotton pair of leggings with trouser-like details, such as zippers or seams with a long blazer or a stylish off-the-shoulder sweater. Top the outfit off with ballet flats or a pair of block heel boots.
  • Sophisticated in shorts. Wear a pair of shorts with a brown leather belt, a pair of loafers and a button-up shirt.
  • Love your layers. You cannot go wrong with layering, as a duster or a long jacket looks marvelous no matter what you wear underneath it. Whether it is black pants, jeans, an over-the-knee skirt, you can make it work with layering.

Clothing That Will Cramp Your Style

The whole point of going to a concert is to have fun, and wearing the wrong outfit can ruin that.

Here are some tips on clothes to avoid:

  • Stilettos: If you are planning on dancing the night away, keep your feet out of those red stilettos! Yes, we know they look awesome, and they are the perfect match for your red lipstick, but unless you want to end up with blisters, it is not a good idea. This is especially true if you are going to an outdoor concert because you may end up stuck in the mud. You can still look hot in a pair of modest, block-style heels or wedges.
  • Backless shoes: Unless you are going to an opera or orchestra, and no movement is required, keep your backless shoes for a day at the beach. You can forget about the electric slide. If you do wear flats, be sure to wear them with backs!
  • Too tight: Wear your skinny jeans and miniskirts if you must, but make sure you have got enough space to breathe.
  • Clutch bag: Keep your belongings secure, but not in a clutch bag. If you want to keep your hands free so that you can rock with the rest of the crowd, opt for a trendy, mini backpack or a classic crossbody.
  • Shirt and tie: Unless you are going to an opera, formal attire is unnecessary. Keep it simple, wear the shirt, but ditch the tie.

Finally, do not forget to bring on the bling, whether it is a necklace, earrings, bracelet, or chain. Also, do not hold back, and do not be afraid to take your outfit to the next level with a little bit of sparkle.